Creating a better energy future for Utah since 2011

In his 2010 State of the State address, Utah’s former governor, Gary R. Herbert, announced his intent to create a strategic energy plan that would combine Utah’s rich abundance of diverse natural resources with its innovative and entrepreneurial spirit — ensuring that Utah was at the forefront of solving the world’s energy challenges.

The following year, through an appointed task force, Gov. Herbert unveiled Utah’s 10 Year Strategic Energy Plan, which called for the creation of the Utah Office of Energy Development (OED) and an advisory committee to oversee the implementation of the plan.

We are committed to advancing Utah’s energy and minerals economies to create affordable, reliable and sustainable outcomes that provide significant and lasting value to the state.

"OED’s leadership empowers its staff to be effective, creative problem solvers."Brad Schaefer, Marathon Petroleum Company


Thom Carter
Energy Advisor
Executive Director
(801) 538-8732

Matt Anderson
Deputy Director
(801) 538-8724

Debi Carty
Finance Director
(801) 538-8718

Alyssa Kay
State Energy Program 
(385) 395-4888

Harry Hansen
Communications Director
(801) 538-8727

Toni Sierra
Executive Assistant
(801) 538-8732

Richard Bell
Incentives Director
(801) 538-8682

Dusty Monks
Oil and Gas Liaison

Cameron Reed Segura
Energy Research Analyst
(801) 538-8725

Guille L. Peláez
Program Specialist,
(801) 538-8703

Antonio Santos Aguilera
Program Specialist,
Energy Efficiency
(801) 538-8702

Bailey Toolson
Program Specialist, 
 Advanced Transportation &
Emergency Management
(385) 775-8438

Claire Baer
Program Specialist
(801) 538-8951

Tad Greener
Regional Economic Competitiveness Officer
(801) 538-8653