In 2011, the pioneering 10-Year Strategic Energy Plan was released and the Governor’s Office of Energy Development (OED) was created to help deliver on Utah’s forward-looking energy policy. The 10-Year Strategic Energy Plan recognized the value of local, regional and national leadership on infrastructure investment, technological advancements, and workforce development.

The 10-Year Strategic Energy Plan was updated in 2014 and included the completion of the Utah Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plan (EECP).

To help accelerate and focus the ongoing work of implementing the Governor’s 10-Year Strategic Energy Plan and State Energy Policy, the Energy Advisory Committee convened to develop the Energy Action Plan through 2020, which was released in May 2018.

We will continue to collaborate with our partners for critical energy planning to achieve essential breakthroughs in infrastructure investment, technology and workforce development in the energy and minerals sectors.

Recognizing affordable, reliable and clean energy’s crucial role in Utah’s economy and quality of life, Governor Herbert established energy, along with education, jobs and self-determination as the cornerstones of his administration.