Minerals and Petroleum Literacy & Energy Education Grant

The Office of Energy Development (OED) works to advance the Governor's energy vision, implement state energy policy and support Utah’s energy landscape.

One key component of this mission is to support energy literacy and education in Utah’s elementary and secondary schools throughout the state. Since 2019, OED has worked with partners to provide professional development opportunities and create SEEd standard lesson plans, which are available to educators at no cost. This year OED is partnering with the Division of Oil, Gas and Mining to provide these services.

To this end, OED is seeking grant applications from interested and qualified organizations wishing to support OED’s educational goals.

Application Material: 

Request for Grant Applications
Application Cover Sheet
Grant Application Narrative
Budget Narrative and Itemization Form
Addendum A: 7/10/23

Applications are due July 16, 2023 by 11:59 PM MDT